Bring Your Own Technology Information

Our Bring Your Own Technology Program supports students in using their own personal technology in the classroom.

Students today learn in very different ways, in comparison to previous generations. Our students, have been referred to as digital natives and have grown up in a technology rich world. Their life is consumed by vast amounts of multimedia. This is how they share, communicate, interact and access the information they want. As mobile devices are becoming more prevalent and access to information is easier than ever before, our students need to be able to access and utilise technology that will facilitate improved outcomes in their learning environment. NAPLAN Online Testing is proposed for 2015 Australia wide.

The College will commence a phased introduction to Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) in 2014 for students in Years 4, 7 and 10. While participation in the program is not mandatory, we encourage all students to embrace the program where possible. The College will still have a fleet of computers for student use.

We welcome any feedback or questions regarding the program via email at

Joining the BYOT Program

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Joining the BYOT Program

In 2014 students enrolled in Years 4, 7 and 10 are invited to join the Canterbury College BYOT program. In these year groups the curriculum has been designed to support the use of BYOT. Students in Years 11 and 12 are also welcome to bring their own technology to school, however there is no formal BYOT program for these year levels.

Joining the program is very straightforward. The process is as follows:

  1. Download a copy of the BYOT Information Booklet.
  2. Complete and return the Agreement Form contained within the Information Booklet to either the Junior or Main Administration.
  3. Access to the network will be provisioned by the IT team within 24 hours of receiving a completed form.
  4. Connect to the provisioning network and enrol your device into the program(see details in section 'Get Connected' below for more detailed instructions)

We welcome you to explore this site which contains all information required to get started in the BYOT programs, including :

  1. information to assist with device selection
  2. access to purchasing portals
  3. getting connected to the wireless network
  4. software installation

Should you require any assistance or advice regarding the program please ask us.

Device Selection

Device Selection

Device Selection

To successfully connect to the Canterbury College wireless network and to adequately support the ongoing curriculum objectives, the student's device must be compliant with the following technical requirements. When purchasing, we suggest you consider:

  1. active and up-to-date Anti-Virus software (where applicable)
  2. screen size
  3. battery life of 4 hours or more
  4. a keyboard for tablet devices
  5. a protective case is recommended for all devices
  6. weight of the device

Some devices are more suitable for certain year groups than others. The following recommendations are provided:

Years 4 and 5 We recommend:

  1. iPad with Keyboard and Cover
  2. Windows 8 Convertible Device e.g. Surface Pro
  3. MacBook

Year 7 and 8 We recommend:

  1. Windows 8 Convertible Device e.g. Surface Pro
  2. Macbook

Year 10, 11 and 12 We recommend:

  1. Windows 8 Convertible Device e.g. Surface Pro
  2. Touch screen Windows 8 laptop
  3. Macbook

Purchasing Portals

Device Selection

Purchasing Portals

The College is pleased to provide the following initiatives to assist parents who are interested in purchasing devices for use in the BYOT program. These initiatives pass on education pricing to allow parents to purchase devices with peace of mind regarding device suitability, warranty and cost.

BES IT Purchasing Portal Visit Site

The benefits of purchasing through the BES IT purchasing portal include:

  1. Acer products all with a 3 year on-campus education warranty. Warranty claims are managed by the College on your behalf and repairs are carried out by Acer authorized repairers at the College.
  2. Access to financing options through BES and their provider.
  3. Delivery of device to College
  4. Purchases can be made at any time.
  5. 5 week delivery from placement of order.

Data #3 College Managed Procurement (Available after 1/10/14)

The benefits of purchasing through the Data #3 College Managed Procurement model include:

  1. HP products all with a 3 year on-campus education warranty. Warranty claims are managed by the College on your behalf and repairs are carried out by HP authorized repairers at the College.
  2. Access to education pricing for Apple and Windows Surface Devices.
  3. Delivery of device to College.

The current agreement between Data #3 and the College allows the College to make two bulk purchases a year on behalf of parents and students. Pricing and products are currently being updated and will be available again shortly. Orders are required to be paid in full via the online purchasing portal using PayPal. Device delivery is 6 weeks from the close date of the purchasing portal.

Alternatively, parents and students may purchase from any retail store. The following minimum device specifications are provided to assist parents and students who prefer to use this option.

Get Connected

Connecting to the Canterbury College Wireless Network

Program Information

The process for onboarding devices to the network can be completed from home or through the CC_BYOT_CONNECT wireless provisioning network available at school. Completing the device provisioning from home will ensure that student devices are ready to connect to the Canterbury network as soon as they arrive at school, and is the preferred method for onboarding of devices.

To begin the process please access the following URL from your device:

There are a number of steps that need to be completed, please complete these steps in the order presented.

If you are using a Windows RT device you will need assistance from the IT department to onboard your device. This can be arranged by emailing the Please let us know what day you will have your device at school and we will come to your classroom to assist in getting your device setup.

Software and Printing

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Software and Printing

Students are able to install a number of College licensed software applications for use on their personal devices. A Student Software Centre catalog is available to students through the BYOT Resources page of the Portal. Unless indicated elsewhere students are required to install software to their devices whilst on campus.

Microsoft Office Software

Students are also provided with an Office 365 account which provides one Terabyte of Cloud Storage in OneDrive for Business, and access to download the Office 365 applications (ie. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc...) for use on up to five devices. Students can access Office 365 from the College portal, or by using the following address The Office 365 applications can be installed whilst on campus or from home.


Students are able to print from their iOS, Mac or Windows device to the College printers. Full details are provided to students as 'howto' sheets through the BYOT resources page of the College portal. Installation of the Papercut software/app and printers needs to be performed whilst connected to the College network.

Technical Assistance

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Technical Assistance

The College IT team is pleased to assist parents, caregivers and students with the use of their device on the Canterbury network.

Students in the Middle and Senior school are welcome to visit the IT service desk which can be located on the lower ground floor of the library or lodge a support ticket via email to arrange an appointment for helpdesk support. In non-peak times the team may be able to assist on a walk-in basis.

Students in the Junior school should ask their classroom teacher to assist them in the first instance in arranging technical assistance from an IT team member. IT staff perform regular visits to the Junior School classrooms and will assist students with their devices during this time.

IT staff can assist students with basic troubleshooting of device connectivity to the network and internet, installation of College provided software, and printing. However, IT staff are not able to assist with further diagnostic, recovery or repair of personal devices. In the event that you have purchased a device covered by an Education Grade Warranty through one of the College purchasing portal initiatives the IT team will manage any warranty claim on your behalf.